the Edge is Wayne Gretzky, your argument's invalid (katrin) wrote,
the Edge is Wayne Gretzky, your argument's invalid

Oh great, now I'm tweeting with Amanda Palmer. :/

I know there's a way to embed tweets or something? But IDK how, so C&P it is.

Amanda: the buddha said: hatred is never ended by hatred but by love. to the half-dozen people screaming out FUCK YOU on repeat right now...

...please think about the general message you're sending into the universe. if your goal is to ensure we're all equal & living in harmony...'re failing and creating more negativity.

Me: @amandapalmer Some people might be assholes, but thoughtful criticism isn't the same as hate and negativity.

Amanda: @kathalcyon i love thoughtful criticism. people calling me (and @neilhimself, who has nothing to do with this) shitheads isn't thoughtful.

Me: @amandapalmer I agree 100%, that is totally uncalled for. Awaiting your blog, I thought Jason's was very respectful.

@amandapalmer But if that's what you're calling out, it's coming across wrong-it sounds like you're attacking the people who ARE thoughtful.

And now we see if she replies again.

ETA: It's 5:00 Friday and she never replied to me again. I wish she had, actually, but... oh well. Maybe it's for the best, since I read her blog post and it kind of ruined my day.
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